Sortis Income Fund

Sortis Income Fund

    Offering Type: Credit Fund-1st Lien
    Investor IRR: 10%-12%
    Cash-on-Cash Yield: 10%-12%
    Investment Period: 6+ Months
    Minimum Investment: $25,000

    Sortis Income Fund

    Sortis sponsors and manages the Sortis Income Fund (“SIF”), an un-leveraged, evergreen investment fund focused on the acquisition of senior loans collateralized by real estate in Western US markets. SIF’s disciplined approach and rigorous risk management results in a diversified loan portfolio generating stable, high yielding fixed-income returns for investors, all without the use of leverage.

    Sortis’ real estate and banking expertise allows SIF to selectively deploy capital in an environment where high demand for financing is not being met by traditional financial institutions.

    Equity membership units in the fund are offered to Accredited Investors through a Regulation D private placement securities offering.


    Annual Investor Net Return To Date