Sortis Growth Fund I

Sortis Growth Fund I

Offering Type: Growth Fund
Investor IRR: 15% - 25%
Cash-on-Cash Yield: N/A
Investment Period: 5 Years
Minimum Investment: $25,000

Growth Venture Fund

Our unique hybrid Venture Capital X Consumer Focused Private Equity platform is a partnership between highly experienced operators, advisors, investors, and a world-class E-commerce agency.

We invest in entrepreneurs who have built real profitable businesses and established meaningful relationships with their consumers. Our investment strategy allows, founders and management teams, to focus their efforts on what makes their brand special, while providing e-commerce structure and network support to speed up the path to reaching full potential.

We bring together the right network, resources, and means to ignite the next level of the journey that will propel these brands into the future – and towards exponential growth.